Take a look below for frequently asked questions and answers about the YourChoice service.

How do I find available homes?

You will need to be registered on MyGuinness, our online services, you can register at

How often are homes advertised?

We’ll upload newly available homes to MyGuinness at 10am every Tuesday and Friday. We can only advertise properties as they become available so the number of homes available may vary from time to time.

Do I have to register to apply for a property?

If you are not already on our transfer list then you will need to register in order to bid. You can register by calling the application advice team on 0161 219 7229 from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. Once you’ve found a home you’re interested in, simply press the ‘I’m interested’ button at the bottom of the property description, fill out the application form and then press submit.

Can I apply for more than one property?

Yes, you can apply for as many properties as you like. However, once you’re are offered a property you will be unable to submit any more applications.

What happens after I submit an application for a property?

Within two working days of submitting your application form, you’ll be contacted by our Applications Team who will ask you a few questions to determine your need to move and allocate you a Band.

What is a Band?

A Band is what we use to identify and prioritise the needs of our customers.

We have four categories: Management Move, High Band, Medium Band and Low Band, with Management Move being our highest priority.

Do you offer the property to the first person who applies?

Not necessarily. Available properties will remain online for 72 hours. After 72 hours we will look over all applications and prioritise them by the applications Band and ‘need to move’. The person with the highest need at a particular point in time will be offered the property.

How will you know why I need to move?

We ask why you need to move within the application form. This section is required, so please give specific reasons (e.g. your home is too small, or it no longer meets your medical requirements, etc.)

What happens if my application isn’t successful?

We will always provide a property to the applicant with the highest need. If your application isn’t prioritised for a particular property, you can apply for other properties in the future.